Thursday, September 30, 2010

A DIT Tent that Comes in Camo? Uber-Awesomeness!

This is cool. Paying out $1500 bucks to Village Blackout is not.

So what's a cash-strapped Digital Imaging Tech to do? How about buying a Hunting Blind instead?

Is the Gaffer giving you a hard time 'cause your DIT tent is bouncing more light than his 20x? I suggest getting the Undercover 360 in Mossy Oak.

Working on a feature deep in the heart of Siberia? You won't go wrong with the addition of a Snow Camo Cover.

Shooting on the prairies of Nebraska and you need room for three? Don't sweat it. Beavertail's got you covered. Literally.

By the way, the above is probably the best picture ever taken and/or created in Photoshop.

I bought my camo rig at the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga for a buck and a quarter. It's got windows, a roof flap, and a hook for hanging up any fresh meat. Best of all, I don't have to move out of the wide shot when shooting on a golf course.

Hey! Check out those extras hanging out next to that bush! Nice!

I'm gonna spend the $1375 I saved by seeing Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World at the Academy in Pasadena over and over again 'cause it's the BEST MOVIE EVA! And if you haven't seen it you should be ashamed of yourself for not supporting a studio film chock full of creativity, originality, and awesomenesses.


  1. NIce review! Are the cheaper tents you've found light-proof though? Are the inside walls white, black, or Camo? Are the walls translucent? This is a big concern and probably why village blackout charges so much. What do you think?

  2. They are decently "light resistant" and usually black or camo on the inside. Any of the tents will get trashed during the rigors of shooting so I suggest getting more for your money right from the start.

  3. Just curious, is your DIT tent still alive and working today? Have you had any issues with it? Just wondering about the sturdiness of it compared to the real deal. What model is it by the way?

  4. If it helps anyone, I bought the Penthouse hunting blind after seeing this post who knows how many years ago. Been doing great still, only snapped one pole on a quick wrap out, easily replaced. HIGHLY recommended.

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