Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NOOOO !!! ACK !!! USUCK !!!

As I'm sure you all know by now Apple gave us a pretty cool brand new 15" retina display MacBook Pro yesterday. They also decided to stab me repeatedly in the heart by (un)announcing the demise of the 17" MBP. And, for good measure, they kicked dirt in my eye as I lay bleeding there on the ground by quickly dismissing the Mac Pro line of desktops.

Here's what we professionals got: A slim, fast, 15" MBP with a killer resolution screen (2880x1800  hello native ARRIRAW !), and excellent I/O (USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, HDMI). Here's what we lost: a 17" screen, 2 potential HDD bays, and the expresscard 34 slot! Ack! I love that expresscard 34 slot! And what's the point of packing all those crazy pixels into a 15" screen? I'm sure it's pretty but I want a 17" retina display! Imagine running Resolve 9 on that. It would kick ass! 15" is great. Small and portable. But for real, portable, professional imaging use... the 17" MBP was the bomb.  Now it's gone.



I waited TWO YEARS for this !?!


You can't even stick a #%I$$@%#!&* Thunderbolt port in there? Or upgrade the video card to something current? Or actually put in some faster processors?

Come on!

The Mac Pro is awesome! It's sleek and all aluminum-looking. Big and almost intimidating. With speed and graceful power under its hood. Now it just sucks... What the ^@%^@*$@)*%! am I supposed to do? Network 3 new 15" MacBook Pros together and go buy a bunch of $50 Thunderbolt cables!?! Double Ack! Thanks for the free beat-down. I would have preferred just reading new Mac Pro rumors every week for the rest of my life...

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  1. Hi Adrian - What did you end up doing re: all this Mac Suck? Curious.